TechEd Europe 2013 Day 1

What a day today? Here are my highlights from today:

  • WS 2012 R2, SC 2012 R2, Windows Azure Pack and SQL Server 2013 Preview builds were surprisingly released.
  • Great keynote by Brad Anderson which was almost the same like in TechEd NA.
  • Foundation session on Modern Datacenter by Woosly and Snover.
  • Session on What is new in SC 2012 R2 – Usage Analytics for Orchestrator announced but it will require WAP.
  • Great session by Ben Armstrong on Hyper-V
  • Met a lot of people from and out of Microsoft. Had a great fun especially with Pete and Anders.

BTW the feeling is strange to want to deploy those preview bits and being at TechEd at the same time.

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