New MP: Windows Azure SQL Database Management Pack

New management pack is available for Windows Azure service. Now you can monitor your Windows Azure SQL Databases from SCOM. These are the key features:

  • User-friendly wizard to discover Windows Azure SQL Database servers.
  • Provides availability status of Windows Azure SQL Database server.
  • Collects and monitors health of Windows Azure SQL Database databases.
    • Space monitoring:
      • Used space
      • Free space
      • Total allocated quota
    • Track the total number of databases per server
  • Collects and monitors performance information:
    • Average memory per session
    • Total memory per session
    • Total CPU time per session
    • Total I/O per session
    • Number of database sessions
    • Maximum Transaction execution time
    • Maximum Transaction lock count
    • Maximum Transaction log space used
    • Network Egress/Ingress bandwidth
  • Ability to define Custom thresholds for each monitor to configure the warning and critical alerts.
  • Run-as profile to securely connect to Windows Azure SQL Database.
  • Detailed knowledge to guide the IT operator with troubleshooting the problem
  • Custom tasks to redirect the user to the Windows Azure SQL Database online portal
  • Custom query support to enable application-specific availability and performance monitoring

Grab the management pack and the installation and configuration guide from here.

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