Installing Windows Server Operating System version 6.0.7026.0 MP

I’ve deployed the latest version of Windows Server OS MP without any issues. It was quite easy so I will just share my experience for those who are interested.

1. Install the new version of the MP. Tip 1: I always install all MPs to one folder so I can find easy what MPs I have installed. Tip 2: I always make a copy of the previous version before installing the new one.


2. After the installation I import the new versions. Tip 3: I install only those MPs I need. In the case below I do not install MPs for Windows Server 2000 and 2003 because I do not have such servers in my environment.


3. Importing was successful.


4. After the import you will see the added collection rules in this new version.


5. I also check if there are any new alerts that may have risen because of this new MP in Active Alerts view.

6. If you synchronize objects from SCOM to SCSM you have to update the MPs in SCSM also.


Happy updating!

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