Build your Test Lab with Windows Server 2012

If you want to test out Windows Server 2012 but you are not sure how to build your test lab Microsoft provides guide for that:

This Microsoft Test Lab Guide (TLG) provides step-by-step instructions to create the Windows Server 2012 Base Configuration test lab, using computers running Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. With the resulting test lab environment, you can build test labs based on other Windows Server 2012-based TLGs from Microsoft, TLG extensions in the TechNet Wiki, or a test lab of your own design that can include Microsoft or non-Microsoft products. For a test lab based on physical computers, you can image the drives for future test labs. For a test lab based on virtual machines, you can create snapshots of the base configuration virtual machines. This enables you to easily return to the base configuration test lab, where most of the routine infrastructure and networking services have already been configured, so that you can focus on building a test lab for the product, technology, or solution of interest.


You can download the guide from here.

One thought on “Build your Test Lab with Windows Server 2012

  1. Hello! I was just browsing your blog, and after reading this post about building a test lab with WinServer 2012 I wanted to send you a quick note on a new free tool that you (and your readers) might find useful – Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition. The newly released backup and recovery software is deployed as a Hyper-V virtual appliance, and already includes support for Windows Server 2012.

    The Free Edition protects up to 4 VMs, free forever (and if a user is Microsoft certified they can get an even better free NFR license).

    A few notable features of the Free Edition…
    – Instant recovery of virtual machines.
    – File-level recovery of files and folders.
    – Rotational archiving to disk, tape, NAS and SAN.
    – Automated backup scheduling with flexible strategies.

    The Free Edition can be downloaded here:

    Of course I’m totally biased since I work for Unitrends, but it really is a slick freemium.

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