Runbook Commander 2.0 ‘Beta’

The free tool developed by Neil Peterson that allows you to execute Orchestrator runbooks from Configuration Manager ha reached version 2.0 although still in beta. Here are the changes compared to version 1.0:

  • In addition to supporting console extensions for the Device, and Collections node, 2.0 now supports the program node as well.
  • For Configuration Manager 2012 Device Console extensions are now added to both the Devices node and also the ‘View Members of Collection’ collection node.
  • New XML Generator Application – friendlier layout, ability to generate and also save .XML files.
  • Ability to create drop down lists on the Runbook Commander program.

You can start testing the tool by downloading it here.

Do not forget send any useful feedback to Neil.

Thank you Neil for sharing this tool with the community.

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