HP ProLiant Servers not monitored by WBEM Providers method in SCOM

HP have Management Pack for monitoring ProLiant Servers in SCOM. This management pack can monitor Windows Server by using 2 different methods:

  • SNMP via HP Insight Management Agents
  • WBEM via HP Insight Management WBEM Providers

In order to monitor HP servers with SCOM you have to have at least one of these two tools installed on your HP Servers.

When you import HP ProLiant Server Management Pack in SCOM the default method for monitoring is trough SNMP. In order to change WBEM Providers method you have to make override.

Recently I’ve stumbled on issue where after I’ve enabled the WBEM Providers method there were still several servers left monitored by SNMO method:


As you can see in the screenshot I have two servers that have monitoring source HP Insight Management Agents (SNMP) and because of that they do not have Health checkmark for Networks ProLiant WMI (WBEM method). In the detail view below it can be seen that HP Insight Management WBEM Providers are not detected at all.

When I logon to these two servers I can see that they both have HP Insight Management WBEM Providers software installed but for some reason it is not working properly.

The solution is very simple:

  1. Uninstall the HP Insight Management WBEM Providers.
  2. Install them again. If you do not have the installation files you can download them by going to HP download page.
  3. Wait a while until Discovery finds the HP WBEM Providers software and all components are discovered and healthy.
  4. Note: The uninstallation and the installation doesn’t require any restart of the server. Everything happens on the fly and doesn’t affect any service.

3 thoughts on “HP ProLiant Servers not monitored by WBEM Providers method in SCOM

  1. Sometimes, WBEM Providers not working, the fix is to install previous version of WBEM, on some systems I tried more than 2 versions to get WBEM Providers work

  2. WBEM doesn’t install on virtual servers which means SIM and Repository cannot be installed on the same virtual server at the moment

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