SCOM 2012: Cumulative Update Release 1 is out

It has been a couple of weeks since SCOM 2012 was released and we are getting the first cumulative update. This is becoming something like a good practice for Microsoft products. If you wonder if it is worth it installing it – hell yeaaaaah. Here are the issues that will be resolved after applying the update:

Operations Manager Update (KB2674695) – Windows monitoring
Issue 1

Environment crashes in Operations Manager because of RoleInstanceStatusProbe module in AzureMP.

Issue 2

When multiple (two or three) consoles are running on the same computer under the same user account, the consoles may crash.

Issue 3

You cannot start or stop tracing for Reporting and Web Console if they were installed to a stand-alone server that is running IIS.

Issue 4

Connected Group alert viewing is not working, but no error is given in console.

Issue 5

Task result – CompletedWithInfo not supported with the SDK2007 assemblies.

Issue 6

SeriesFactory and Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.DatatoSeriesController have to be public to give the controls extensibility and reuse.

Issue 7

WebConsole is not FIPS compliant out of the box.

Issue 8

Network Dashboard should overlay Availability when displaying health state.

Issue 9

Dashboards: Group picker does not show all groups in large environment.

Issue 10

IIS Discovery: Prevent GetAdminSection from failing when framework version was detected incorrectly by IIS API.

Issue 11

Performance Counters are not displayed in the Application list view of AppDiagnostics.

Issue 12

Console crashes when state view with self-contained object class is opened.

Issue 13

PerformanceWidget displays stale "last value" in the legend because of core data access DataModel.

Issue 14

Availability Report and "Computer Not Reachable" Monitor display incorrect data.

Issue 15

Agent install fails on Win8 Core because of dependency on the .NET Framework 2.0.

Issue 16

Web Services Availability Monitoring Wizard – Console crashes if the wizard finishes before a test has finished.

Issue 17

Several Windows PowerShell changes are needed:

  • Changed License parameter in Get-SCOMAccessLicense to ShowLicense
  • Changed SCOMConnectorForTier cmdlets to SCOMTierConnector
  • Some formatting changes
Operations Manager Update (KB2674695) – Unix and Linux monitoring
Issue 1

Schannel error events are logged to the System log on Operations Manager Management servers and on gateways that manage UNIX/Linux agents.

Issue 2

On HP-UX, Operations Manager cannot discover and monitor a logical volume composed of more than 127 physical volumes.

Issue 3

Upgrade of UNIX and Linux agents fails when using Run As credentials in the Agent Upgrade Wizard or Update-SCXAgent Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Operations Manager Update (KB2674695) – New feature

Update Rollup1 for Operations Manager adds support for Oracle Solaris 11 (x86 and SPARC).

You can read the full article for the fixes here.

This time the update is only 76 megabytes which is great improvement to the 1,2 GB CU5 update for SCOM 2007.

Another great improvement is that you know get one .exe file which you extract and there are separate .msp files for every component of SCOM 2012 – no more copying different files and construction a command line to install agents manually.

The CU can be downloaded here.

If you use SCOM to monitor Unix and Linux servers you will need to update the management pack for UNIX and Linux Operating Systems. You can grab it from here.

So now when you have the update you need a plan to apply it. Only Kevin Holman can give you all the details on installing updates for SCOM. Just read his article OpsMgr 2012: Cumulative Update Release 1 (UR1) ships–and my experience installing it.

Safe updating.

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